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Mobile Development

With time and technology improvements online activities and precense continue to shift to mobile devices.As per Gallup survey nearly 3 quarters of americans check their mobile phones atleast once per hour. According to experts 90 % of the mobile-phone time is devoted to use mobile applications.

Many small to large scale entrepreneurs believe that their sell is increased drastically after they launched mobile apps for their businesses. That’s why here at Softcode we leverage our team’s expertises for mobile development and offer quality mobile applications to our clients.

Android Development

Android is one of the most appreciated and adopted operating system for mobile devices. After its launch android has gained significant portion of mobile market and companies like Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter have rolled out android applications quickly.

Looking at android’s market share SoftCode entered into android mobile application development. Our architects and developers excel and have many years of experience in android application development.

If you need a classy and appealing android mobile application let’s discuss your needs and we will get your app at your fingertips.

IPhone Development

Iphone is the most loved gadget steve jobs gave to the World which became an integral part of people’s day to day life.

Iphone is leading the mobile market since its first version and as per market gurus it’s not going away anywhere soon. We frequently come across clients who want fancy Iphone application for their business as they believe their customer base will grow humongously with Iphone app. Here at softcode we have dedicated team of programmers which are focused only on Iphone application development.

If you are looking for fancy and modern Iphone application we can guarantee you tremendous Iphone application to you for your needs.


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