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Your website is your face in the online marketplace. In order for you to keep your business on the up and make sure that you are able to retain your customers, you need a website that is not just appealing to the eyes but that which is equally engaging. And with more and more consumers drifting towards smart phones, you need a website that is compatible through multiple platforms and multiple devices. You need a website that has a flexible content that will communicate with your customers and keep them glued onto your page. And that is exactly what we at TSC(TheSoftCode) strive to provide for you.

When it comes to making a website, it has two important facets – the design and the development. People often confuse one with the other. However, you need to remember that as much as the design is appealing, it will not engage your customers if the design is not responsive and engaging. At Softcode, we develop codes that complement your design and provide an ergonomic interface that is free of friction.


We have a professional team of expert designers and programmers who will work to deliver a website that will live up to your expectations and then some. As part of our web development services, we provide you with,

• Websites that meets your business goals, expectations and are completely tested for its ability.
• Smart technology solutions and scalable architecture to enhance the productivity of your website on any platform.
• Customized and quality websites to ensure that you stand out in the crowd.
• Transparency in the process at every stage of design and development.
• Assurance on quality through multiple qualitative tests throughout the development process.
• Client level user testing to give you hands on experience prior to launch.
• Efficient deployment and continuous support, monitor and maintenance.

In simple words, we give you a website that will not just automate your processes and business but that which will help you to grow as well. We offer a variety of websites in multiple categories including eCommerce, Corporate, Brand, Mobile, HTML5, etc. We use a wide range of technologies like XHTML, .Net, Ajax, CSS, XML and more in our development. Apart from website development we also have talented and experienced content writers who can effectively manage your web content and ensure that it is always trending with the latest buzz words. We have specialized writers who understand the concept behind SEO and ensure that your content is SEO rich.


Every business has its unique requirements and expectations. At Softcode, we give you a team of skilled technicians who have decade worth of experience and knowledge in multiple industries and who are well versed in the developing trends in the technology. We help provide you a website that does not just exist but makes your business visible and credible. At Softcode, we have a team of web development programmers and coders who have exposure to the different programming languages including Objective C, Java, etc. and who are highly skilled in using multiple GUI (Graphical User Interface) and other interface frameworks. We use our knowledge and our experience to give you a solution that is tailored to meet your individual business segments.


At Softcode we do not compromise on the quality of the websites we develop and in the technologies that we employ. We develop websites that fits with the increasing demand and the evolving technology while being fully functional and highly adaptable. And we do this at a cost that will fit into any budget. Our pricing is always our strength, next only to our quality.

Whether you are looking to build a new website or you are looking to rejuvenate an existing one or you are simply looking to move your backend data system to a new framework, we have solution for every phase and we have it in every budget. Our web development services will be friendly to your pocket while the websites we create will be friendly to the users.

Contact us to build a robust, user friendly and responsive website for your company.


At Softcode, we first listen to your requirements and then provide you solutions that are complete and holistic in nature. We offer solutions that are


Our methodology involves technologies that are highly flexible and can provide you a faster and a better response time to your customers.

  Easy to use

With our proficiency in multiple UI and UX interfaces and design frameworks, we offer you a solution that will be easily scalable across multiple platforms, including mobile devices.


Our applications and websites are also easily flexible for further upgrades in the future making them adaptable to any changes.

  Quality assured

We have a separate phase in our development process where we carry out intense testing to ensure that our solutions are of the best quality. We also offer you the prototype for your testing and take your feedback to ensure that the websites we provide are of best quality.

At Softcode, we work hard to provide you and your customers an unparalleled experience. With our assistance, you can be rest assured that your websites offer superior performance and your business sees an upward trend in profitability. Contact us anytime to get an appointment for a consultation.