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About Us

Founded in the year 2017, the objective behind Softcode is to provide its customers with a design that is compelling, futuristic, qualitative, and adaptable to the changing market conditions and is highly affordable. The company has grown into a place where all your marketing and digital campaigning solutions are met right from the time of launch until the lifetime.

We must learn what customers really want, not what they say they want or what we think they should want.

The above words spoken by Eric Ries in his book’ The Lean Startup’ holds good for every business and every industry and these are words that we at Softcode strive to live by.

Having worked across companies for 15 years, at the age of 34, I was inspired to start my own company specializing in development, designing and promotion of websites, the result of which is theSoftcode. Based out of Delaware, Softcode Inc aims for the ultimate customer satisfaction as the end goal and has been working constantly to achieve the same. Apart from my own experience in the industry, I also have a team of professionals who have profound knowledge and experience in every aspect of online web designing, development and data management.

Who are we?

Our main team comprises five people who are certified professionals and are skilled and certified in Business Analysis, theme building with Wordpress, Drupal, etc. and also customized themes where required, HTML designing, .NET, Java and PHP programming, Search Engine Analysis, App developing and much more.  Our team has everything it takes to handle a website launch to tracking the website performance, managing content and data warehousing. Each of us can function alone as well as in a team and deliver what the client requires within the agreed timelines and as per the agreed quality. The projects that we have delivered so far can testify on the kind of professionalism and quality you can expect from the team at Softcode.
Our combined experience and our knowledge serve as our strength as we work on multiple projects across different industries. We never shy away from learning and keep ourselves updated on the latest technology to ensure that we only deliver the right solution at the right time. The knowledge and the expertise with which we have handled our clients have helped us to gain a formidable reputation in the short time we have come into existence. 

What do we offer?

We offer a wide variety of services spanning different aspects of online market management for any company. Our services include but are not restricted to,
  • Web designing and development: This would involve handling the various aspects in designing and developing a website from the initial period of launch to improving user experience with performance data. We offer multiple strategies in web designing, including Dynamic, eCommerce, Flash and Flash Banner websites. Our web development team ensures that the programming works in line with the design approved by you and there is no delay or glitch in the user experience as they navigate through your website. 
  • Data services: Data is a crucial point in every business and if you do not have the ability to process it correctly, you may not form the necessary insights for driving your business. Our business intelligence reporting services along with the Data warehousing, cloud computing services, we offer you an impeccable solution to manage data, remotely if required, and help you to process meaningful information from the same. Our team works on a framework that makes not just storage but also data retrievability easy.
  • Mobile applications and others: Having a website that is mobile friendly is just one step towards reaching the customers. Mobile apps are the next gen solution for a better trade online and to do so, you do not just need a good mobile app but you also need a good interface between the mobile app and the website to provide the best customer solution. Our team with experience and expertise in different programming languages can help you simplify this without a glitch. We can handle multiple platforms including iOS and Android and we provide services in native language to enhance customer experience.
There are of course other inter related services that we offer like UI/UX designing, personalized email, database management and business intelligence reports, etc. that will help fine tune your online performance into tangible monetary results.

Our approach

We take pride in approaching every problem pragmatically and in providing realistic solutions. Be it, the timelines that we need to commit to or programming a complex solution, we approach every step with realism. 
Any project that we undertake, however big or small it may be, is taken through in a phased manner.
  • Consultation: This is the first step where we establish the requirements clearly with our clients, take their inputs into consideration, explain the possibilities and explore the possible outcomes. 
  • Designing: This could be the designing of the website or a mobile app or a simple rejuvenation of your existing website. We provide you a prototype based on our understanding and take your confirmation on whether it matches with your expectations. We finalize the design after taking the approval from our client.
  • Development: This is where the actual coding happens in-line with the approved design. As experienced pro’s we are well aware of the downfalls of not having the apt program to make a design work. We ensure that there is minimal downtime for customers and the design is simplistic, realistic and practical with an easy to use interface. Our UI/UX designing experts will help you with the right solution. And you will have the prototype to test out before launch.
We keep our clients aware of every step as we progress towards the end objective.