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Business Intelligence is the very edge that you need to surge forward in this competitive era. You need the best support system to make meaningful intelligent information from the loads of heavy data pouring into your systems. Softcode offers BI (Business Intelligence) and reporting services which can help dissect, analyze and process data to provide you meaningful insights into your target sector. With these insights, you will be able to understand yourself better, make concrete decisions to overcome your weaknesses and strategize a better success plan.

Our team of BI developers and consultants are more experienced and has more exposure to the entire BI cycle from the point of receiving data to generating actual reports. We will help you arrive at the right solution by analyzing the right data and providing you the right report at the right time. By partnering with Softcode you can be rest assured that you will definitely be leading the way in your business sector.

What we can do for you?

As part of our BI reporting services, we offer consultations, report developments, implementation of effective systemic reporting, integration of data and various reports, analytical solutions, visual representations, dashboards on performance, etc.

We are well experienced in processing raw data and deriving meaningful insights from the same. We offer our services across multiple BI analytics platforms like Microsoft (for Azure PaaS, Power BI and SQL), Looker, Logi Analytics and Tableau. With the partnership with these platforms, we strive to provide you the ultimate and timely solution for all your business requirements. 

Our services under the Business Intelligence and Reporting segment can be broadly classified into,

  • Customized reports and visual representations: Our team will help filter through your humungous range of data, weed out the unnecessary information and provide you deep, meaningful and customized reports as per your requirements. As part of our reports, we do not just generate numbers and pages of excel sheets to baffle you with. We also provide you visual representations of the results in the form of charts, graphs, interactive dashboards, etc. to help you gain a better insight into the data. Our team has profound experience and knowledge in using different visualization tools and the different analytical platforms like Tableau, Looker, SQL Server reporting services, etc.
  • Dashboards: If there is one thing that can give you instant information on your performance, it is a dashboard. However making your dashboard is not quite simple as it sounds. One has to look through hordes of data, filter out what is required and arrive at the desired dashboard. The team at Softcode can provide you with simplistic and yet interactive dashboards with charts and graphs to help you measure your performance and manage your activities at a glance. You can also get dashboards where the system will automatically trigger an alert when you fail to meet KPI and provide you a root cause analysis for the same. Our performance dashboards have helped many businesses to perform optimally and have helped all our clients to manage their key responsibilities effectively.
  • Analytical solutions: We provide varied analytical services including descriptive, diagnostic, prescriptive and predictive to help you gain knowledge on the data pattern which can further help you to strengthen the performance in meeting the desired KPI. Our experts will help provide you solutions that can easily be accessed anywhere either from mobile or cloud depending on your need of the hour. We make use of only the best platforms for visualization and analysis ensuring that you are not left behind in the race.
  • Personalized BI: While we can deliver all kind of BI reports that will provide you the key insights into your business performance, there will always be a few things that you would want to check out yourself. This is why our solutions on BI also include a self service option where you can choose the visual elements that you want and create your own personalized report by means of simple imagery. Our simplified solutions ensure that anyone who does not have profound systemic knowledge is able to create their own report and gain a better insight into their business. 

What is the value you derive?

With the BI systems from Softcode, you derive,

  1. Improved management including planning, measuring, changing and controlling the various elements that play a crucial role in your business. This will further help you to increase your revenue factor while decreasing your cost facto considerably. 
  2. Improved operations as you will be better equipped to detect any fraudulent red flags, executing sales campaigns, processing customer orders and handling purchases. This again would be easily seen through increased revenue and decreased cost in your balance sheet.
  3. Reduction in the cost involved in producing these reports manually. This is one of the most tangible of the benefits that you can gain by using Business Intelligence and reporting services from Softcode. While this may not be the biggest gain from implementing a BI system this definitely is easily measurable in terms of cost involved.
  4. Instant reports any time and at any place you desire. With the BI system firmly in place, you don’t have to depend on other s to get any reports that you want. The end user can pull out the reports at any given point of time and with there is no personal dependency, the business will run as usual with lesser bottlenecks for want of information.
  5. Better and faster decision making for you have information at the click of a button and the quality of the information is bespoke at the best. It is customized to provide you with all the details you need to make informed decision.

A successful organization is one in which everyone is empowered to make decisions towards the same objective. In order to empower your team to make informed and controlled decisions based on past performance and trends, you need the right information at the right time. Softcode promises to provide you just that under their Business Intelligence and Reporting services.