Benefits of hiring a cross platform mobile app devleopment company

Written by Patrick Doshi

Why should you hire a cross-platform mobile app development company?

Mobile apps are here to stay given that most of us use mobile phones for handling our day-to-day needs. From groceries to medical, we can now shop for all that we want on the go with smartphones. As an entrepreneur, when you are launching a business online, you cannot discount building an app for mobile phones. Speaking of mobile apps, working with a cross-platform mobile app development company can give you the advantage on all platforms expanding your customer horizon considerably.

What is a cross-platform mobile app?

Mobile apps involve coding that has to match the platform on which they are loaded onto. As you would be aware, customers may be using any kind of platform like Android, iOS, Windows, etc. To match with every platform, the coding has to be tweaked accordingly, and creating a backend that works across different platforms is quite challenging. 

Originally, there were native and hybrid mobile apps, each having its pros and cons. And you are often faced with the dilemma of choosing the solution that would be best for your business. You have to consider multiple factors like resource availability, project demands, industry trends, etc. This is where a cross-platform mobile app development company can simplify the equation. 

A cross-platform mobile application denotes a single application that can work seamlessly on multiple platforms, operating systems, reducing the need to create different versions to match different platforms. It works on a single base code and is a single development without compromising on the app quality or user experience for that matter. It is also the best choice when you want a unified look across platforms, and to reach out to a larger audience.

Benefits of using a cross-platform mobile app

Mobile phones are an evolving industry with ever-changing programming languages, user interfaces, SDKs (software development kits), and more. This has made mobile app development a challenging task, especially when there is a lot of effort, cost, and time involved to make it work across platforms. This hurdle is now far behind us, thanks to the advent of cross-platform mobile apps.

  • Reusable codes:

Unlike earlier times, there is no need to rewrite a code to match different platforms like Android, Windows, iOS, etc. The developers can write a single code and deploy it across platforms. This cuts down on the development time, eliminating repetitive coding. This concept has been prevalent for quite some time in the development of software and is now being used for the development of mobile apps as well.

In addition, when you are reusing the same code, you can resolve any bug, add any enhancement, and more in a single go. The development cycle also goes down considerably.

  • Reduced cost

Another factor that many business owners and young entrepreneurs look at is a way to reduce costs. When you want to develop a native app, you have to involve multiple teams with different skills to match different platforms. This means you have to commit to a budget for every app developed for every operating system. 

With the cross-platform mobile app development company, there is no need for multiple investments. Businesses can invest only once and yet avail the benefits of having an app to match all platforms. There is no need to invest in multiple technologies or tools either. From a developer's point of view, there aren't many platforms or teams to work with either. Since most of the cross-platform mobile apps use javascript, there is no need for the developers to spend time on learning any specific programming language for different OS either. 

  • Better time-to-market

Every customer wants a hassle-free experience browsing through websites and a consistent approach whether they are using a mobile app or a website. Convenience is what they seek and failing to provide them the same might deter them from coming to you. It is time to act fast and get customer attention, which is the only way to stay ahead of your competition. 

With single app development in question, the cross-platform app development company will deliver your project faster and you can launch the app faster too. The overall cycle of development and deployment is considerably shortened providing you an upper hand with a quick launch. These apps are also easy in terms of maintenance and support, uploading bug fixes, upgrades, etc. 

  • Consistency

Every user would like to have a seamless and consistent experience across multiple platforms. They would expect to see the same screen and needless the same experience, no matter where they are checking your app from. With cross-platform mobile apps, you can provide your users with consistency. The interaction and engagement with customers would be coherent across platforms which will increase the authenticity of your brand in the minds of consumers.