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The world is dominated by those small little handsets called mobile phones and smartphones. Everyone is spending almost their entire day just tapping those bright screens. And with the option to buy almost everything at the click of a button, the mobiles have indeed become the unofficial shopping partner to men and women alike. And in that line, Mobile apps have become a critical part of today’s digital marketing plans. At Softcode, we offer design and development of comprehensive and scalable mobile apps to suit the business needs of every industry.

If you are still wondering whether you should get a mobile app for your business, then you may want to look at the latest statistics on the mobile apps. According to recent studies, 70% of top retailers, 75% of casual dining brands, 78% of fast food chains, 59% of specialty stores, and many more have mobile apps. It is not just about gaining a competitive edge anymore. A mobile app is definitely necessary if you are looking to stay in the race.

With a robust and experienced team of developers and designers, we assure you that our team will deliver the best mobile solution to meet all the challenges in the present and in the future. We make use of the most advanced technology to construct bespoke mobile applications for consumer needs and their initiatives. Our team is well versed with the different mobile platforms including Windows, iOS and Android and can handle delivering individual or a comprehensive adaptable solution for all platforms.

iOS App Development 

Manufactured by Apple Inc., it is currently the second most popular mobile platform with over eight million mobile apps developed for Apple devices. A huge consumer base still waiting for you to conquer them all! And what you need is an app that will work fine with the iOS platform on which all Apple devices are based on.

If you are looking to provide a classy app for your iPhone and iPad users, you need an expert who is well versed with the iOS platform and the programming languages compatible with the platform. You want a team that is familiar with languages like ASIHTTP, iRate and technologies like Mac OS X framework to deliver you the ultimate application for iPhone, iPad and iWatch users. With our team of skilled designers and developers who have prior experience and certification in multiple programming languages, tools, interface designing and frameworks, you will have an incomparable and holistic solution at your hand.

We strive for 100% satisfaction for our clients and we believe in retaining our business relationships with them. Let your idea engage with your customers with a magnificent iOS App developed by us and let our work speak on our behalf.

Android App Development

It is indeed the fastest growing platform in the mobile world with more than 65% of the mobile users in the world using Android platform based devices. Google Playstore has become entrepreneurs’ very first choice to launch their ideas into the money making world. The scope of android platform is like none other platform, whether it be a finance firm, game lab, e-commerce portal, travel and map related venture, healthcare primes, or business of any sort everyone is diving into the pool of Google Play apps.

As part of our mobile app development services, we offer you revolutionary applications that are designed with friendly interfaces, flexible features and multilateral aspects. We do not just create fluid apps but we also make creative ones that will work flawlessly with the website. With an experience of more than a decade, our team comprises of developers who have the initiative, passion and expertise that you need from a mobile app developer. 

Apart from Android and iOS applications, we also cater to other platforms like Windows as required by some of our clients. 

Why us?

  • We service advanced methodologies and strategies to provide incomparable app design.
  • We do not rewrite apps for every platform but we write a single program that is compatible with all platforms saving cost for our clients and generating revenue.
  • We have a sturdy crew of talented app designers and experienced mobile app developers who are well-knowledgeable to build apps that are game-changing in scale and scope.
  • At Softcode, we develop apps that are compatible with the real time website and enhances computer experience.
  • A highly diverse team of developers and designers that craft nothing but the best for you.
  • We have the ability to create apps for any platform in many languages.

In short, “We work for you, we work with you.” Mobile applications are where people prefer to spend more time as compared to web from mobile device or desktop. Our team designs compatible, futuristic, qualitative and enactment-centric mobile apps.

We not only offer brilliantly developed apps, but also help you with the reliable post launch support.

Our designer team is highly classified and they shall plan the design that will help you top the charts any day.

What do you get?

  • Carefully tested Bug Free apps.
  • Ready to launch products.
  • Optimized projects.
  • Timely delivery.
  • Fully-agreeable & guaranteed products.

We offer all this and much more at a competitive price to ensure everyone can reap from the benefits of having a mobile app.

Contact us as soon as possible to transform your raw mobile application idea into reality with the help of our experts. When you see your idea become alive in your hands, installed for the first time in your pocket device, you shall clearly observe the passion and persistence with which we have fashioned the next big thing for mobile hosting stores. Come to us with your concepts and our technologically zealot team will convert them into enticing apps. We listen to your terms, take notes, develop, test and then guide you as well and take your occupational desires to the level where you dream them to be.

We have created successful apps and we would like to have yours in the list too!