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Email is a significant online service utilized by every organization. It is basically your passport, a safe for all your applications – and yet is taken the most granted. Yes, we check our email every day- and even run a marketing campaign through our email- but did you ever realize that it is one of the best online assets you have? Have you considered the possibility of switching to email services that would immediately enhance the quality of your business processes? It is now time to think about email services that would immediately enhance the way you operate your emails. 

Why do you need an email service?

Personalized email services have a great impact on customers. It makes it easier and more remember able for your customers to remember you. Softcode offers you the design and management options of a custom mailbox. 

Do you have your own domain? Perfect. Now you can opt for our email service that would be linked to your domain. With us, you have the choice of having a personalized email address associated with your domain. The private cloud of Softcode is a reliable, secure solution that meets all your needs. Our email plans come with lightweight and fast webmail interface for managing your contacts, email, and calendar. 

Our Services: 

Softcode offers you a solid set of customized tools. We give you access to your secure storage, account and private cloud with a plenty of space. Our web based email features powerful tools, full mobile and web support. With a complete browser support, our customized slick interface allows you to enjoy the emails again. We do not force you with expensive software requirements, our webmail gives you security relief, regardless of whether you are a business or an individual. 

Unified Approach: 

Our private email service allows you to manage different email accounts from a variety of service providers. The overload of email is now a past thing. 

With Softcode, you can collaborate simply and securely. The business plan of Softcode gives you full-time support, giving you access to sharing documents, emails, appointment and contact lists.

Mobile Support:

Our business plans support Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows. For added user experience, Softcode also supports various other protocols. Now you can experience a fast and clean webmail with more features that are superior to the desktop email clients. Have control of your desktop and inbox and rid yourself of the software upgrades. 


At Softcode, we commit to privacy and user data. Softcode email service is free of ads. Your email exchanges are free from scanned keywords. Our mail suit comes with documents. Your management team can edit, create, and collaborate on presentation, spreadsheet, and text using the best online editors. Work with an improved quality and faster productivity with an online office. 

Now you can set up email in a step by step manner. Our easy to manage policies, mailbox quotas and groups works effectively for all organizations. 

Best approach:

Our webmail interface approach is designed to rid of the notion that only a desktop email can provide features that effectively support the business users. Now business users can explore the same functionality perfectly combined with the flexibility and convenience of web-based access. This means that business can now access the best of the both worlds. 

Now the days are gone where updates and installations were required. Take your email to the cloud. Softcode comes with a comprehensive document management and online office suite which can be managed within a browser. The business users can edit, create and collaborate on spreadsheets, presentation and documents. Our services also include integrated calendar, notes, contact modules, and tasks. Our mail services have the best tools that improve efficacy and productivity. 

The best benefit of an email hosted through the cloud is that it gives you access to your messages while you are moving. Whether you are accessing it through phone, desktop or tablet, as long as you have access to the internet, you have access to the email.

Ease of use:

We at Softcode ensure that you IT administrators will be able to manage and set up emailing for your organizations with an enhanced and wide-ranging control panel interface. It would represent all the information about your mail hosting account, and the administrators would easily be able to control business or individual mailbox quota. 

Migrating options

Migrating emails from one email solution to the other have been made easier. It has now become simple to migrate without any loss of productivity or time. With our self-service migration module, the control of migration is a few clicks away. With the combination of lightweight tools, we support our clients with a smooth switching process. Our experts are professional, and you can be confident of the dozens of successful cases they have handled. 

CRM and Email Integration

Organizations of all sizes are now setting up the CRM application to enhance their marketing and sales, as it allows them to work more effectively. Similarly, people still want to use the traditional mail for easy communicating with prospects and clients. So what do you like? With Softcode, you can use both. We work with advanced tools that ensure a perfect blend of CRM and email integration. 

Why Softcode?

At Softcode, we commit to professionalism. Our aim is to provide our clients with everything that is required to build a perfectly smooth running email domain. Our team is professional, experienced and trained to deal with customers coming from different sectors. Our services are comprehensive that aim at making things easier for clients. We ensure that your business effectively meets the new demands of the business. So what are you waiting for? Subscribe to our personalized email service to take your business to a whole new extreme. Contact us to get a quote for your personalized email services.